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About Simply Wings
Your Travel Agency for Music Events – Concerts – Band Tours
Artist Shows – Movie Festivals – Theatrical Groups – Business Trips
Flexible and Effective

At Simply Wings we uphold high standards for travelling and we offer
flexible travel options for First, Business Class or Economy itineraries.

We are specialized in the unique travel requirements of artists,
who travel worldwide for business or pleasure.

Our many years of experience enable us to provide tailor made travel services,
ranging from itinerary planning to reservations for flights, boat, ferry or
railway tickets, arrangements for accommodation and
additional services such as private car transportation and VIP P2P transfers.

What we offer

Complete Travel Management

Our experienced and talented travel agents who provide complete travel management.

24/7 at your disposal

We can guarantee an immediate response and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alternative Travel Options

We provide direct assistance for flight cancellations and delays offering alternative travel options.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer multiple invoice options to multiple recipients (promoters, event agencies, artists, booking agents etc.).

What our clients say

Paul Wells
Elite Music Management

This week was one of the weeks where I loved it, really loved it. This is down to the great team we have and the like minded acts we work with plus the new acts inbound who love what we are about.
Respect to you all and thanks for your continued support and commitment to Elite and our acts.
P.S you are in no particular email order. You are all stars.